Colleen Cannon, MFA


BA, Photography, Stanford University

MFA, Painting, Univ. Of New Mexico

Master's Certfifcate, Internet Marketing, Full Sail University

Digital Media Proficiency:

• Photoshop

• Illustrator

• Dreamweaver

• Photostudio


Internet Marketing:

• SEO Strategies

• Social Media Integration

• Location Based Marketing


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Colleen Cannon began her career as a graphic designer while working as a photographer for a local Bay Area Newspaper in 1978. Most notably, Cannon was commissioned to design the 1978 Bob Marley Berkeley Concert Poster. That poster has since become a valuable collector's item.

Over the years Cannon has worked for pubishers, marketing and advertising agencies as production artist, designer and art director. She left commercial art in the '90's to focus on her fine art. While in graduate school Cannon developed a unique imaging process using ultraviolet light to depict energy forms and patterns. Her work can be viewed at UV Light Studios.

After many years working as an educator, administrator and grantwriter Cannon has returned to her graphic design roots. Recently, she has upgraded her graphic and web design skills by learning the latest technologies in the field. Coupled with her unique artistic and design viewpoint, Cannon is able to create bold, yet elegant, eye catching websites and graphics to meet any need.